Small Business & GDPR

Small UK Businesses are as equally at risk of GDPR fines for not protecting their data as large Enterprise organisations.

Over 79% of UK SMEs have no effective Cybersecurity or Data Protection Policy in place.

The UK is lagging behind and this makes UK Business an easy target for Ransomware attacks, as we have seen recently.

You are leaving the front door open to all forms of attack if you have not first taken the basic steps to protect you customers, your staff, your supply chain, and your future in business, by appearing to be NOT SECURE online and not preparing for GDPR.

Browser Security Compliance

New General Data Protection Regulations legislation, and associated compliance requirements, have driven the leading web browsers to make significant changes in highlighting how seriously you take your customers’ online data protection ahead of the May 2018 GDPR deadline. Non-compliance will lead to £multi-million fines.

With fines of £17m looming for those who don’t take these matters seriously, we strongly advise that you get your online sites & services checked today for gaps in Data Protection.

To ensure you do not run the risk of substantial fines, or of complaints from Customers, Partners or Employees, we have launched a simple Browser Compliance check.

We can offer our customers a free websites security report on whether your website comply with these significant changes.