Multi-Domain EV SSL Certificate – 2 Years


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Entrust EV SSL Certificates lend more credibility to your website compared to using an organization or domain validated SSL Certificate. In addition to displaying prominent security indicators, EV SSL Certificates have a number of unique value-add features.

Browsers show several visual cues to let users know that a website has an EV Certificate.

  • https:// in front of the domain name
  • Green in the address bar
  • Company Name (of Website Owner) in the address bar
  • Green Padlock in the address bar
  • Organisation information in the certificate details

Your website’s security is our number-one priority. That’s why Entrust OV SSL Certificates feature ECC public key encryption in our root certificates. With support for SHA-2 algorithms, Entrust SSL Certificates protect your data by offering stronger security and increased performance.

Strongest Protection Available

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  • Highest trust for visitors
  • &
  • Plus 1 more domain,
  • Up to 250 domains (additional fees)


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Certificate Pricing

1 Year – £265.00/year, 2 Years – £227.50/year (16% Saving)