Realtime monitoring of Digital Keys
and Certificates

Realtime Monitoring

Realtime monitoring of Digital Keys and Certificates can only be effective if you have first Mapped and Sealed your Enterprise. Achieving Total Protection is not a One-time or Annual Audit Event it is a 24/7 service requirement.

To this end we have designed a Certificate Monitoring Service, which consolidates and enhances a number of Industry Toolsets to optimise realtime analysis of your Crypto Risk Score.

In other words, we help you achieve a score of 8 every time.

It is not a DIY solution with poor enablement or a Black Box solution with poor reporting, it is proven, Private Cloud-based service set-up by Crypto Experts who help you on-board it, manage it and set-up continuous monitoring.

It can be deployed in your Security Operations Centre and can feed your SIM/SIEM solution with realtime Crypto Analytics.

Incident Response

We also offer an Incident Response service in the unlikely event of an unmonitored breach.

In early 2017 we are introducing a Service Platform version for Data Centre Operators and Managed Service Providers, which includes a Crypto-as-a-Service capability.

Both the Enterprise and the MSSP versions offer the ability to include owned ROOTs, i.e. the ability to issue certificates in your organisation’s name without the headache of managing complex PKI Policies and Infrastructure.

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