Do the Browsers say your site is SECURE? Are your trusted credentials displayed for all to see?

Winning Trust with customers can make or break any business, and being seen to be secure is critical.

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You only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression, so gain your visitors’ trust from the start by using an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate that displays your organisation’s trusted credentials and protects your customers from Identity Theft, potential Fraud and Malware infection.

If you haven’t seen the news, from the 6th of June 2017 browsers are distrusting weak SSL certificates from free SSL providers and Certificate Authorities who do not carry out proper checks on website owners. Don’t assume you are secure and trusted because you installed a free SSL certificate. Chances are you are not.

EV SSL Certificates offer the most secure website protection available to deter attackers, use the highest encryption standards to ensure your customer data is safe, and EV SSLs are only issued after an extensive verification process.

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Browser Changes

The SHA-1 algorithm is no longer secure. Google has already started to blocking SHA-1 SSL/TLS certificates from version 56, which was released on January 31st 2017. They have also started to mark all NON-HTTPS with FORMS, LOGIN or PAYMENT pages as NOT SECURE.

Microsoft and Mozilla have now announced they too will be ending support for SHA-1 HTTPS certificates – Mozilla from build 51 of Firefox (January 2017) and Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer 11 from February 14th 2017. On all fronts, D-Day is finally arriving for SHA-1 and more importantly for unprotected sites.

Are your Logins and payment pages secure?

If not, your visitors will see web browser warnings – you will begin to lose traffic and your online revenue will decrease.

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There are multiple benefits to using EV SSL Certificates:

Increased Customer Confidence and Decreased Abandon Rates – The visual green address bar seen next to the URL of today’s most secure websites serves a clear indicator to your customers that your website is trusted and secure. Attackers cannot replicate it. It is a reminder that you have undergone and passed the rigorous validation process backed by the CA Browser Forum, so confidence is assured and transaction conversions increase.

Protection against Phishing and Attacks – EV SSL certificates give your website validity and protect against phishing and other malicious attacks with advanced encryption.

Savings – EV certificates prove the legitimacy of your website with branded protection and help reduce support costs and calls from customers who have given their credentials to malicious actors.

Multiple Domains – Entrust EV SSL Certificates are all established as “Multi-Domain,” meaning you can save time and money by securing up to 5 domains using one certificate.

New GDPR Regulations

New General Data Protection Regulations legislation, and associated compliance requirements, have driven the leading web browsers to make significant changes in highlighting how seriously you take your customers’ online data protection ahead of the May 2018 GDPR deadline. Non-compliance will lead to £multi-million fines.

With fines of £17m or more looming for those who don’t take these matters seriously, we strongly advise that you get your online sites & services checked today for gaps in Data Protection.

Pages which take personal or business data of any kind (particularly User Names, Passwords and Payment details), but do not have the correct SSL protection, are being marked as NOT SECURE by all of the main browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge/Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc…). This clear customer-facing warning will display if data encryption is not present or if the SSL certificate in place does not confirm proof of identity or site ownership.

To ensure you do not run the risk of substantial fines, or of complaints from Customers, Partners or Employees, we have launched a simple Browser Compliance check. Simply click to register for a FREE report on whether your sites comply with these significant changes.


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