Announcing a New Era of Website Security and Online Trust

Browser Security changes, GDPR & the distrust of Symantec’s CA brands will combine to expose website security flaws & poor practice. You can avoid the potential loss of traffic & transactions with Cloud SSL.

You may have seen lots of sites marked as SECURE and some marked as NOT SECURE / NOT SECURE as well as sites marked with an – meaning some elements of the site are not secure.

In the latest CHROME 69 release due in early July 2018, the  will display as NOT SECURE.

This will affect millions of sites and many will lose traffic and sales as a result.

To address the widely anticipated fall-out from this major change, and the distrust of Symantec Certificates, we have launched SITEFIX and a new Domain Validated SSL Certificate.

SITEFIX is a new website security service offering an all-in-one compliance check and accredited installation of SSL certificates and Anti-Malware products to ensure your site appears as SECURE.

The significance of this new DV SSL Certificate cannot be overstated:

  1. It flags your sites as SECURE in the browser.
  2. It costs £50 for 12 months.
  3. It is the only DV SSL to have approved Anti-fraud checks carried-out on the Site Owner.
  4. It is issued in minutes.
  5. Our installers use SITEFIX to install it on your behalf for £50.

Get your DV Certificate with SiteFix today, just order below

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