Enterprise organisations of every type, public and private, face the same SSL Certificate procurement and management problems.

With the advent of GDPR we are about to enter an era where encryption is everything, at every level of your operation.

Rarely is the CISO aware of organisation’s exposure to Crypto Risk, and yet the lack of encryption in most organisations represent the most obvious infiltration points. Unencrypted sites and end-points have been associated with over 63% of the publicly reported data breaches in 2016 – breachlevelindex.com

Our research has established that most organisations still rely on static reporting of their data encryption state and do not use any kind of Certificate Monitoring. This leads to gaps and risk that no organisation can afford after GDPR or they risk big fines.


Cloud SSL & Entrust have launched a new Certificate Management Service with class-leading features including:

  • Certificate Discovery – find & track every Certificate on your network.
  • Pre-vetting of every organisation & every domain – instant issuance / no waiting.
  • Issue every Certificate class – protect every user, service & device:
    1. SSL/TLS – DV, OV, EV Certificates
    2. Device Certificates
    3. S/MIME Certificates
    4. Document Signing Certificates
    5. Code Signing Certificates
  • Compliance Report for GDPR and PCI DSS.
  • Free Website Security services – Issue SITELOCK for free to every website.
  • Turbo Certificate Installer for all Microsoft Servers – no CSR required.
  • Procurement, Management, Monitoring & Reporting all in one place – no outages.
  • Tiered Administration, 24/7 Support and Online Help all in the UK.


There are many good business reasons to establish where you are exposed to Crypto Risk.

All forms of Data Leakage rank highest in the list, as brand reputations can be lost overnight on the back of unwanted data breach publicity.

The associated financials losses can be significant however this public breach scenario need not impact your Balance Sheet if you take even the most basic steps to seal your Enterprise.

100% Data Encryption is the best 1st line of Defence in preventing these breaches.

Adopting an “ALWAYS-ON” data encryption posture is the key to preventing embarrassing and costly breach events. This includes Data at Rest.


Over a number of years now we have perfected a Crypto Audit framework base on NIST (https://goo.gl/tjzPvd) standards, PCI DSS (https://goo.gl/JM303L) standards and GDPR* (https://goo.gl/Sro5Aw) drivers, aimed at delivering Total Protection and a complete 1st line of Defence. We include a wide range of mapping and tracking methods using multiple Industry Toolsets, including Venafi.

This Audit process includes mapping every owned network (e.g. mobile) and all of your domain infrastructure. At the end of the Audit process we score your Crypto Risk, we give you a comprehensive Audit Report and Remediation Plan with priorities, we help you clean-up your DNS infrastructure and the agreed plan feeds our Issuance and Monitoring services to help you achieve a persistent Crypto Risk Score of 8.

At the end of the Crypto Audit process you are able to deploy Total Protection to all known Crypto Risks. We recommend, you decide.


Now that you know where your exposure lies you can take control of your risk and encrypt every End Point and protect all Data at Rest.

By following our Remediation Plan recommendations, you can prioritise SEVERE to MANAGED risk via our private cloud-based Certificate Issuance and Management portal*.

Certificate Expiry, SHA-1>SHA-2 replacement, Internal Server Name Change (ICNC – https://goo.gl/GkU9rw) requirements and now the deprecation of UNSECURE pages by the Browsers from January 2017 (https://goo.gl/NWT5nf) are driving the need for a mature and holistic approach to managing Keys and Certificates.


Realtime monitoring of Digital Keys and Certificates can only be effective if you have first Mapped and Sealed your Enterprise. Achieving Total Protection is not a One-time or Annual Audit Event it is a 24/7 service requirement.

To this end we have designed a Certificate Monitoring Service, which consolidates and enhances a number of Industry Toolsets to optimise realtime analysis of your Crypto Risk Score.

In other words, we help you achieve a score of 8 every time.

It is not a DIY solution with poor enablement or a Black Box solution with poor reporting, it is a proven, Private Cloud-based service set-up by Crypto Experts who help you on-board it, manage it and set-up continuous monitoring.

It can be deployed in your Security Operations Centre and can feed your SIM/SIEM solution with realtime Crypto Analytics.