Chrome 59 Advisory

The new Browser changes come into play today with the release of Chrome 59. Your site may now be displaying as NOT SECURE (or may still show the flag – Chrome 58 back).

Worse still, when Chrome 60 is released at the end of July every site not using data encryption for data capture will display as NOT SECURE or NOT SECURE. So the time to act is now.

Use our SITEFIX service and get a fully checked, DV SSL for £50 and add £50 for installation.

  1. It flags your sites as SECURE in the browser.
  2. It costs £50 for 12 months.
  3. It is the only DV SSL to have GDPR-compliant Anti-Fraud checks carried-out on the Site Owner.
  4. It is issued in minutes.
  5. Our installers use SITEFIX to install it on your behalf for £50. Often cheaper that your hoster.

Google Chrome still represents 60% of all web traffic. This will affect millions of sites and many will lose traffic and sales as a result.

The other browsers are following suit and some Symantec SSL certificates are being distrusted by Chrome from today as a result of poor issuance practices.

Our new DV SSL is the only fully GDPR-compliant DV SSL certificate available. Free SSL certificates are not GDPR-compliant as no ANTI-FRAUD checks are carried-out on the site owner.

Get SECURE today

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