Critical Enterprise Encryption Risk

Free SSL certificates represent a worrying development in Enterprise Encryption Risk.

Many UK Enterprise Organisations are storing up unmanageable encryption issues by allowing unchecked, so-called “free” certificates on to their networks and web services. Our monthly SSL Survey shows significant exposure to this risk across 1,000s of UK Enterprise organisations.

These “free” certificates are issued by a US charity and may not be “free” forever. They do however present serious issues for Network Admins and Risk Managers.

Critical Enterprise Encryption Risks

  • Multiplying SSL certificate Expiry Risk by a factor of 4 – free certs are only issued for 3 months and cost 4x to manage compared to a typical 1-year SSL certificate.
  • No Organisation Checks – already issued to 15,000 PayPal phishing sites facilitating Cyber Crime.
  • Domain Control – “free” certs are often issued to Content Delivery Networks who appear to have control of your domain in the certificate record.
  • Domain Reputation issues – “free” certs can be revoked without your permission. This can result in domain GREY or BLACK listing.
  • Business Continuity Risk – will the free providers still be in business next year?
  • No Central Admin – issued without management tools or monitoring.
  • No Support – once they are issued you are on your own.

Ominously your operatives are acquiring these certificates thinking that they are doing you a favour by getting them for “free”, however they are often not seeing the risk or reporting it to the business.

Ultimately who pays for “FREE” SSL and what is the true cost?

Cloud SSL’s Certificate Management Service only offers Organisation Validated and Extended Validation SSL Certificates to ensure Enterprise Organisations are not compromised by weak issuance processes. We ensure that your Organisation’s credentials are presented in all browsers at all times and your sites present as SECURE. Every OV or EV certificate issued by via our CMS can be bundled with Anti-malware at no extra cost and there a multiple Enterprise SSL Discovery and Management tools available in CMS as standard giving you complete visibility of every certificate and every gap on your infrastructure. Every CMS Account carries full 24×7 Platinum support.

So, where do “FREE”, NO-CHECK Certificates sit on your Risk Register?

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